Man and two children (girl and a boy) wearing ski chlotes, ski slope in the background.

Bjursås Ski Center

Bjursås is a scenic area in the heart of Dalarna. Bjursås SkiCenter has 20 descents with something to suit everyone from amateurs to professionals. Many lifts and good capacity mean that there are rarely queues. The centre offers accommodation in cottages by the slope, food and a relaxation area.



The big Snowboardland, The Soulpark, 14000 m2 combined ski and snowboard park is built to fit both professionals and beginners. The name was born when a wise man looked out over the wonderful nature in Bjursås. The nature which has made a permanent mark in both body and soul for so many skiers and snowboarders from Bjursås and the areas surrounding it.


  • Children/Family
  • Restaurant
  • WC facilities for disabled
  • Winter