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In Björnåns nature reserves are the pines that are over 500 years old!


Here you can see traces of up to three fires in the form of fire scars in trees. The reserve consists of a mosaic of forest and marshes. There is a small lake in the northern part of the area. And Björnån, which gave its name to the reserve, runs along the sanctuary boundary to the east. The bedrock consists of sandstone. The terrain composed of bouldery moraine sand which is typical for the region. Due to the low growth and the rugged terrain, it has in modern times been no logging. There are plenty of hollow trees and old remnants of a fire in the area. Some red-listed species occur as dvärgbägarlav. The old tallågorna gives these species live. From the public road leading to a forest area. It ends about 200 meters west of Björnån and from then leads a path to the reserve. There is a marked footpath leads through the reserve.

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