Cross Country at the Vasalopps Arena

The Cykelvasa trail is already a classic cycling route. You can plan your own route based on the marked trail and then ride the asphalt back to the starting point. If you arrange a pick-up you can ride the whole trail to Mora in one go! At Tjärnheden, just a stone’s throw away, there is a more technically demanding rough track.

Grön Bergaslingan Junior, 400-1000m

Type of ridning: MTB/Cykelcross
Description: Starts at the Club house at Tjärnheden sports ground, just north of the Vasaloppet starting field. Follow the signs. The route is suitable for the younger cyclist and runs along wide trails with some shorter tricky gradients. There are diversions, features and technical challenges along the route!

Grön The cykelvasa trail, 90 km

Type of riding: MTB/Cyclocross
Trail type: Gravel roads, trails. Terrain: Technically simple, but a long distance.
Description: Runs along the legendary trail between Sälen and Mora! The first part offers a lot of gravel, later more trail cycling as you get closer to Mora. The track is well signposted with green markers on trees and posts.
Alternatives: Follow the marked track as far as you want and use the asphalt road to return to the starting point – or arrange to be picked up and ride the whole way to Mora, all 90 km!

Svart The Tjärnheden loop, 8 km

Type of riding: MTB
Trail type: Trail
Terrain: Technical trail cycling with a large portion of climbing.
Description: Starts by the Vid Club House at Tjärnheden sports ground, located just north of the Vasaloppet start. Follow the markings. The trail consists mainly of single track with some demanding ascents. The highlight is reaching the top of the Bergabacken ascent on the Vasaloppet track. This is a tough track, demanding for any cyclist.