Cross Country in Säfsen

Säfsen is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, large forests and lakes, making biking in the area a delight. The variety of the trails is immense and it does not matter if you are training for a long distance competition, thirsting for a messy trail or just wanting to go out for a tour with your family. Säfsen offers something for everyone.

Grön Stackberget 20 km

This is a tour for those new to mountain biking, easy cycling on a gravel road. It is perfect for a half-day trip with refreshments for the family. The tour starts on the bike path at “Hyttan”, down through Fredriksberg and further out on the old railway embankment for about 5 km. Then you turn and cycle south along the eastern shore of Lissjöns and can visit Lissjöns observation tower. On the way back you pass Älgsjöbadet, offering a great opportunity for a swim.

Grön Tyfors runt 28 km

This is an appropriate tour for those who are new to mountain-biking but who still want a longer ride. Half the tour follows the old closed railway line and the other half is on gravel. The tour starts together with the Stackberget tour, but after 5 km the trails separate and Tyforsen runt follows the old railway embankment on the north shore of Lissjön. There are plenty of places to stop for a break or snack. In Tyfors the trail turns around and takes you to Markusfallet offering nice views over Lissjön. The trail is generally flat and easy cycling.

Grön Vasan 40 km

Suitable for those cyclists for have some experience with mountain biking, this tour is perfect for those training for CykelVasan. The route is scenic and follows some old driveways and good gravel roads along some of the lakes in the area. Vasan starts at “Hyttan” and takes you down through Fredriksberg. After Fredriksberg you turn south and head for Vattrangi, then follow the dirt road along the shores of Lissjön and Laggen and pine heaths. After Laggen lake turn back towards Säfsen through the village of Tyfors and then take the road on to the old railway.

Blå Fyrtjärnsrundan 45 km

Suitable for good cyclists who are trained for long distance trails, but also for the stubborn beginner. The trail starts with technical riding on an easy dirt road. Fyrstjärnsrundan shares the first 3 kilometers with Kullern Runt through the village of Håen to Dymossen, where it joins the gravel road leading to Fyrtjärnarna. Fyrtjärnarna is a beautiful area with pine heaths and small ponds filled with fish. From Ulriksberg you switch between the old and the new road to Ludvika, easy cycling all the way but keep the distance in mind!

Blå Strömsdal Runt 48 km

The tour suits cyclists with some experience who are used to long distance trails. It is easy riding mostly on hilly dirt roads. It starts together with Råberget Runt but after 3 km you turn east. A short stretch of path soon turns into an easy-to-ride, gently hilly dirt road all the way to Strömsdal. After 7 km you come to the village of Graveldan and the tour continues on the old railway track “Säfsbanan” until you reach Säfsen. All along the route there are lakes suitable for swimming. Keep in mind that this tour covers a long distance.

Röd Byrundan 6 km

This is a short technical tour, exclusively on trails. The tour is ideal if you have any strength left in your legs after trying one of our longer tours. From “Hyttan” you ride up towards the church, turn left across the meadows, then set your sights on the base of Österberget and a lovely view of Säfsnäs church. After a short but tough ride you head back towards Säfsen and Hyttan. The trail descends and the rest of the ride is good fun!

Röd Paskaberg 11 km

This is the perfect tour for those who have done some biking and are looking for a shortish hilly tour, mainly on trails. The trail begins with a pleasant ride down to Eldpallkojan, and from there you roll out on the trail that takes you to Kultorpet and beyond, with an easy climb towards Paskaberget. The path now becomes more technical and your balance is put to the test after crossing Gravendalsvägen. Remember to slow down properly when you see the warning signs along the trail. The trail turns back towards Säfsen and after a short while on asphalt and gravel, the final kilometers back to Hyttan are on a trail.

Röd Borkhöjden 13 km

A varied trail that offers almost everything - climbing, forests, dirt roads and trails. Borkhöjden begins, like all our trails, up at “Hyttan”, continuing down to Fredriksberg and further on the old road to Nås. After about 1 km the trail turns upwards towards Björkheden, a gentle ascent with lovely trail cycling. The trail passes a small farm just before the summit and the next part of the trail is the most enjoyable: a gently sloping path over bridges and through wonderful pine forests. You continue along the old road to Nås and soon the trail turns up on the path towards Mellanfallet and the last few kilometers to Säfsen.

Röd Råberget runt 14 km

This tour is suitable for trained and experienced cyclists. The terrain is varied and demanding with steep hills. The tour begins with gentle trail cycling along the old driveway to Hosjön and switches over to a dirt road and a challenging ascent of 160 meters over 2 kilometers up to the top of Råberget. After reaching the summit set sight for Solberget and Säfsen Alpin, not forgetting to enjoy the view from Solberget! All that remains now is a couple of kilometers of well-needed downhill before you reach the finish at “Hyttan” and Säfsbyn.

Röd Kullern runt 35 km

A fairly demanding and hilly tour mostly on gravel roads but with two technically difficult trail sections. You start by cycling north towards Mellanfallet and the first of the technical parts of the tour. Rocks and roots put your balance and technique to the test. After the technical part a slow ascent begins towards the foot of Kullerberget, Sweden´s southernmost mountain. At 552 meters above sea level, the view is something special, and a marked trail to the summit starts from the bike trail. After Kullberget the second technical part starts with wet patches but turns into a lovely hard trail for an easy downhill. About 20 kilometers remain of the tour, easy biking following the trail Tyfors runt.

Svart Toppturen 20 km

This tour is suitable for trained and experienced mountain bikers, a Säfsen version of “three summits”. The tour includes technical cycling across many contour lines up and down. Toppturen starts on the bike path down towards Fredriksberg, with the first ascent after about 1 kilometer leading up to Solberget and Säfsen Alpin. At the top we recommend a short break to enjoy the view. The next stop on the tour is Råbergets top, then dropping down between Råberget and Österhöjden, following mainly gravel roads and with a tough descent. For the braver cyclist this is a good opportunity to test your limits, but be aware that the road can be busy. The next hefty ascent up towards Österhöjden starts on a gravel road, but soon changes to a trail demanding technical knowledge and vigorous leg muscles. The top of Österhöjden offers views for miles over Säfsen and its surroundings. The trail down is technically difficult, the tour ending with a few kilometers of gravel on the old road to Ludvika.

Svart Säfsen MTB-Weekend 13 km + 43 km

This is a tour suited for competitive and varied cycling that satisfies most bikers’ needs for trails and nature. The tour is divided in two parts that can be biked independently. Säfsen MTB-weekend starts from “Hyttan” and continues through Fredriksberg with your sights set on Älgsjöhöjden. Ormvägen is a nice gravel road ending in a turning area with views over Lissjön. After the turning area you can prepare yourself for some really fun biking and “plåtslagarbergspassagen” is something that will challenge even the more experienced cyclist. The short circuit of the tour is now finished - to connect to the 43km circuit you ride past “Hyttan” again following the trail towards Råberget. After a tough ascent, turn on to Skifsenleden for wonderful cycling down towards Drafsen, followed by more trail towards Gravendal. After Gravendal head for Säfsen again and continue on a combination of trails and dirt roads