Safe biking!

Once you’ve learnt to ride a bike you never forget how... Correct, but despite that, things don’t always go to plan. Follow this simple advice and the chances are you’ll have a great bike ride

  • •Always wear a helmet and gloves. For downhill, see special information.
  • Be realistic regarding your level of fitness and skill!
  • Is the trail suitable for you? Choose a trail to suit your experience!
  • Always carry a route map.
  • Carry spare parts, e.g. extra inner tube.
  • For long rides, take water, an energy bar and an extra jumper or jacket.
  • Dress appropriately: remember that the weather can change. Think of everything before you set off so that you can deal with any problems that may arise. Then off you go, have fun and come back tired but happy!

Bike check!

A bike in working condition is important for a successful ride. Always check your bike before you set off!

  • Wheels: Make sure the wheels spin freely and are fixed securely.
  • Loose parts: Lift the cycle and shake it gently. Is it rattling? Check it!
  • Chain: Is the chain dry and squeaking – oil it!
  • Tyres: Check for damage and cracks. Pump them if necessary.
  • Brakes: Try the brakes before you set off!
  • Handlebars: Put the handlebars between your knees and twist them. Are they loose? Tighten them!