Cross Country in Rörbäcksnäs

Grön Siktån, Green 2 km

Grade: Green
Length: 2km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: Easy single track through forest with beautiful scenery.
Trail description: Built in 2014, recommended for the young riders, families and beginners. This is a great introduction to trail riding for first-timers or as a warm-up for experienced riders. The trail is a mix of single track and forest road with a few slightly more technical sections. Siktån starts out on the Main Trail and loops around counter-clockwise before joining up with the Main Trail again, heading back to the school.

Grön Byrundan, Green 10 km

Grade: Green
Length: 10km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: Easy mix of single-track and forest road, through beautiful woodland.
Trail description: This is the original Rörbäcksnäs loop, which has now been extended. A good fun loop which is a fast and easy mix of single track and forest road, great if you are not feeling up to the longer trails. This trail is a great ride and you might end up doing several laps with energy gained from your first run! The trail starts out on a grassy section along the illuminated track, going downhill and crossing the Siktån stream. A sandy section is followed by a series of jumps and curves. The trail then runs on asphalt before joining an easy single track heading past the Old Homestead, Church and Moose Park. Just before the lake Gorrtjärn you will bike on a narrow section above a ravine. After Gorrtjärn there is a slight climb partly on gravel until you cross Torgåsvägen, then downhill towards Siktån following the east side of Medskogshögen. Turn right onto asphalt/concrete and then back to the school on a nice single track.

Grön Näsingen, Green 19 km

Grade: Green
Length: 19km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: Easy single track mixed with forest road, perfect warm-up for Cykelvasan
Trail description: Built in 2012, this is a long ride mostly on gravel, forest road and many nice single-track sections. A great practice trail before taking on Cykelvasan, it is technically easy with only slight changes of altitude. Starts at the school, then follows the Byrundan trail before splitting into two loops of its own, one northbound and one southbound.

Blå Högåsen, Blue 3 km

Grade: Blue
Length: 3km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: Short and technical ride. Not for beginners.
Trail description: Built in 2013. A varied ride with steep ascents and descents, fast sections, technical sections, wooden and other obstacles. Arduous but super fun! No road crossings, the riding is all in the forest! Starts out at the school and follows the Vallsjörundan trail before climbing up Högåsen Ridge, then counter-clockwise back to the School.

BlåKalugapasset, Blue 15 km

Grade: Blue
Length: 14/15km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: Fantastic ride with an awesome flow on fast (mostly) single track. Arguably the best ride in Sweden!
Trail description: Starts out on the Byrundan trail and cuts off to a single track after the first climb, then a section of gravel road before joining up with the Main Trail east of town. From here you have several kilometers of World Class single track. After crossing Torgåsvägen you head north, crossing Siktån stream to start an awesome ride. You cross over the Elverum road to finish off over Janishögen on a narrow uphill track, with a technical downhill ride ending up on the Vallsjörundan trail and back to the school.
Alternate route: a less technical route heads east of Medskogstjärn shortening the ride by 1km.

RödVallsjörundan, Red 32 km

Grade: Red
Length: 32km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: A fun and varied ride, built to be an absolute world class trail, a mix of single track, forest road and gravel. There are more gravel sections than on Kalugapasset.
Trail description: This ride starts out on a nice single track with a gravel section and connects up with the Main Trail east of the village, continuing to another single track section just before crossing Torgåsvägen. An exciting part of the trail follows alongside Vallsjön lake on a narrow ridge, high above the water. You will hit a technical and rocky section before you end up on the gravel going towards Löten. A single track section follows, connecting up with the Kalugapasset trail. The last section begins with a steep ascent to Kvarnberget, then down to a gravel road taking you to the Elverum road, which you follow until you turn on to a technical section running along the north side of Medskogstjärn.

Röd Rörbäcksnäs – Hundfjället, Red 18 km

Grade: Red
Length: 18km
Type: MTB, Cyclocross
Character: Gravel road and single track connecting Rörbäcksnäs with Hundfjället. Lovely views.
Trail description: Built in 2014. Starts at the school going in the opposite direction from the Main Trail on a section of single track before reaching the gravel road towards Skogsätra. The trail turns right on to another gravel road. Turn left on to a technical single track with a steep climb and descent, ending up at Skogsätra summer farm on the same gravel road you started out on. The gravel continues and turns into single track on the west side of Hundfjället. At Tandådalstjärn turn on to Fjällvägen route 66 and head back to Hundfjället.

SvartSkogsätraleden, Black 6 km

Grade: Black
Length: 6km
Type: MTB
Character: Difficult trail in mountain terrain. Starts with a steep climb followed by a demanding descent. Not for the beginner as the trail is steep and rocky.
Trail description: Built in 2014. The trail starts at the parking lot by Trollskogen at Hundfjället. Follow the signs towards to the top of the chairlift E8 where you take a right turn by the ravine. From here it is a relatively easy ride before you start heading down into difficult and technical terrain. When you come to Skogsäterstugan (hut) keep left, crossing a clear-felled area. The last section is wet until you reach the gravel road, where you turn right. Soon afterwards you connect with the trail from Rörbäcksnäs to Hundfjället. You can choose to go either straight ahead for Rörbäcksnäs, or turn right for Hundfjället.