Cross Country in Orsa Grönklitt

All trails are based on Längdcentrum (Activity center), where bike rental, workshop and sports shop are all located. Most of the trails are blue but with very varying characteristics. Some meander around the facility with the nearby Lake Rädsjön and Predator Park in view. Others trails take you into the real wilderness with a serenity and grandeur that is difficult to describe but fantastic to experience. All cycling routes start and finish at Längdcentrum (Activity center)

Grön Hornbergarundan, 25km

Type of bike: MTB, Cyclecross
Surface: Gravel road
Character: Technically simple and smooth climb.
Description: A tour that embraces the whole of Grönklitt. A high speed start for those who want a fast ride, with several kilometers downhill on a gravel road to Hornberga, a nice small village on the edge of a large pine forest. After Hornberga a long ascent passing the north side of Grönklitt. The finish is easy biking with straight gravel roads across the marshes on the edge of Rädsjön.

Blå Toppturen, 12km

Type of bike: MTB
Surface: asphalt / gravel road in ski slope / gravel road
Character: Stiff climb, the first kilometer on asphalt. A small technical descent in the ski slope, otherwise technically easy with some hilly parts.
Description: The first kilometer runs through the facility up to the top of Orsa Grönklitt. Your reward for the hill is a breathtaking view of lakes Orsa and Siljan. After the tough start, the tour continues with a downhill slope and gravel roads back to the resort. The end of the tour is easy cycling in terms of gradient and technical difficulty.