Cross Country in Mora

Four tours in the beautiful hilly moorland terrain. One is an enjoyable and easy biking trail, a ride on the gravel road with a good ascent halfway along. There is almost no traffic on the road. The goal is the beautiful summer farm of Fulåberg.

BlåEldristuren Blue 24 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: Home / Start at Moraparken. Up to Mora ski stadium / Hemus through the Vasalopp Arena, then follow the 10km track for about 5 km. Afterwards ride to Eldris along Hemulån, through the checkpoint and up towards Krångåsen through Finnbo. In Krångåsen the trail turns and follows Vasaloppet Arena back to Moraparken. The trail is easy to cycle in the hilly terrain of pine heaths following trails and forest roads. During dry weather it is heavy going in the sand towards Krångåsen.
Options: If you want to extend the tour: continue Vasaloppet Arena to Läde shieling and ride around in this nice summer farm, returning via the Vasaloppet Arena. The next checkpoint along Vasaloppet is the Hökberg stadium, a really lovely spot. If you extend through Hökberg the round trip is about 40 km.

Blå Mora Parken Blue 13 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: The Green Ten or Day Ten is a "buddy path" for runners and cyclists. Start at Moraparken, Vasaloppet Arena out to the connecting path to the Green Ten next to the ski stadium / Hemus. The trail runs through hilly terrain, mainly on paths in pine heaths in the Hemus area. It is an easy path to bike for all, with loads of curves and great fun. Keep your eyes open for the runners! "Buddy path".

Blå Mora Parken Blue 8 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: Yellow Five or Day Five is also a "buddy path" for runners and cyclists. Start at Moraparken, Vasaloppet Arena and connect to the Yellow Five near the ski stadium / Hemus. The trail follows the Green Ten but takes a side path after a few kilometers. The trail runs through hilly terrain, mainly paths in pine heaths. A short path that is very easy biking.

Blå Fulåbergsturen Blue 36 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: The trail passes through Vika to Fulåberg summer farm. Return home via the central Selbäck pasture and Morkarlby to Moraparken. You can also take the route out through south Selbäck. The trail runs mainly on the gravel road with about 6 km asphalt and very little traffic on the roads. From Vika to Fulåberg there is a long steep ascent, mainly the last 3 km, resulting in an easy journey home. Fulåberg is a nice farm with views of Lake Siljan so stop and rest there. Do not give up and turn back until you have reached the outdoor dance floor at the top of the mountain pasture!
Options: For those who want an extra uphill we can recommend a detour of about 1 km to the Southern Garberg summer farm, located about one km after Fulåberg and signposted.

Svart Moraparken Black 18 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: Vasaloppet Arena up to the Mora ski stadium / Hemus, where the trail largely follows the so-called Elite skiing track. Many hills, some of which are technically demanding, for example some tougher sandy slopes. Varied paths require experience, strength and technique of the biker. The more advanced cyclist will feel at home and comfortable on the track. Beginners are recommended to choose something else!