Cross Country at Lugnet Arena

Lugnet offers two Cross Country trails. The focus lies on fun cycling on forest paths, erasing the boundary between Cross Country and Freeride.

At Lugnet you will find some of Sweden´s finest hand-built single tracks, custom built for maximum cycling fun. It does not matter if you are an elite biker or exerciser, 10 years old or 60 – everyone can enjoy the trails at Lugnet.

Blå Lugnets Blåa 7 km

This is an easy biking tour which is also suitable for younger cyclists. The trail begins along some easy cycling exercise courses but soon turns on to a good smooth single track. After about 1 km there are some technique training sections with narrow planks, stone stairs and a whip board. Stop here to give these a try or continue on the trail. After about 2 km you reach “Every time she smiles”, a hand-built trail with banked turns and wonderful scenic rollers. Many people choose to ride this trail a couple of times before moving towards the top of Sjularvsberget. From here the “Second Chance” begins, immediately followed by “Halloween Knights” – two lovely hand-built downhill paths that are guaranteed to produce screams of delight. After the downhill path just roll the last kilometer down to the stadium.

Röd Lugnets Röda 15 km

This is a hilly trail that offers a challenge even to experienced cyclists. The trail follows Lugnets Blåa with all its custom-built sections and then takes an extra loop on a mixture of natural single tracks, landscaped single tracks, ski trails and farm roads. If you want a relaxed tour the trail passes several good rest areas including Kolarkojan, Lärkstugan and Högsta Punkten. The trail joins Lugnets Blåa on its way back to the stadium.

Röd Gamla mormor

Gamla Mormor (Old Granny) was once a nickname for Falun Copper Mine. Now it has become the name of the flow trail from the ski-jumping tower right down to the stadium. Gamla Mormor is a smooth well-made trail curving back and forth through sheep pastures and woodland down to the World Championship skiing area. Along the way you can enjoy cambered curves, great rollers and a few jumps. The trail suits everyone – kids and beginners are safe on the smooth surface, whilst experienced bikers can take the challenges offered by cambered curves and hills for playful jumps. Once you are down you can just hop on the funicular and you are soon back at the top for another great ride!

Svart Fet-Mats

Fet Mats is a fast and often technical single track with great flow. The trail follows the fall line of Mördarbacken (Killer Hill) offering an awesome mixture of bare rockface, tree roots and small drops.