Downhill in Lindvallen

Sälen Bike Park offers trails at all levels of difficulty. The lift to take you up the mountain is Gustav III, located at Gustavtorget. Every season the park gets bigger and better, with more choices for all levels!

Blå Rosa leden

Rosa Leden is a machine-dug trail that suits all bikers – from the inexperienced to the more experienced downhill cyclist. The trail has a gradual incline, gentle velodrome curves, jumps and some side routes of various descriptions. Rosa Leden runs the whole way from the top to the bottom of Gustavbacken - the trail for all budding downhill cyclists.

Blå Pipeline

Pipeline is somewhat faster than Rosa Leden, but is still suitable for both beginners and more advanced riders. Pipeline is a machine-dug trail with velodrome curves and jumps. It starts at Gustavtoppen and ends down at the Gustav III lift base station.

Röd Herr Melin

Machine-built single track that is approx. 1 meter wide. The character of the trail is as natural as possible since we have chosen to enhance its natural elements, making it more technically demanding than, for example, Rosa Leden. The trail contains jumps, rock drops, and banked curves to achieve an appealing flow. The trail divides at the end and you can choose to continue on either Charter or Rosa Leden.

Röd Charter

Charter is for riders who want to up the pace and effort from both Pipeline and Rosa Leden. The trail is marked red and therefore places greater demands on the rider. This track is all about speed, jumps and flow. We have been helped with its design by Tom Pro from Gravity Logic, whose work includes designs for tracks in Whistler Bike Park. Charter starts together with Herr Melin, and then diverts and becomes red before Herr Melin meets up with Rosa Leden.

Svart Sherpa

Sherpa is a technically demanding single track, steep in parts, in mountain terrain with roots and stones. The nature of the trail is completely different from our dug tracks. Here it is all about finding the correct line and mastering the surface. The trail runs from Gustavtoppen and follows the Orren lift (the lift to the left of Gustavbacken when facing the mountain).