Cross Country in Lima

Lima has four marked XC trails through varied terrain on gravel, forest roads and forest trails of varying difficulty and character.

The cycling here is family friendly - the starting point is adjacent to the public swimming pool and the play ground. One of the trails is a short track suitable for small children.

Grön EiLAB Slingan, 0,5 km

Type of riding: Children’s MTB, BMX, Dirt bike
Trail type: Forest trail, dug in parts Terrain: Partly dug looped track with curves and features – designed for younger cyclists.
Description: The loop is located in a grove adjacent to Äråbadet public swimming pool. Start and finish from Äråbadet.

Blå Ärnäs, 7 km

Type of riding: MTB
Trail type: Gravel roads and forest trails through pine forest.
Terrain: Shortened version of the longer Heden track which runs along forest trails and roads offering moderate ascents and descents.
Description: Starts at Äråbadet. A fairly easy loop that suits most people - whether you are a beginner, riding with the kids, or just have tired legs. The trail runs mainly along quiet forest roads and trails, but also includes some easy single track riding with moderate ascents and descents. Estimated time approx. 30 min - 1 hr.

Röd Heden, Röd 13 km

Type of riding: MTB
Trail type: Gravel roads and forest trails, some sections can be wet.
Terrain: Varied trail running along gravel, logging roads and trails with some really great single tracks. The trail has demanding ascents and challenging descents.
Description: Longer trail also starting from Äråbadet and running on the western side of the valley. The trail offers great variation following a mixture of gravel roads, logging and forest trails and boasting really good single tracks, with some more demanding sections. The trail has some serious ascents and exhilarating descents as well as creek beds and wet spots. Estimated time approx. 45 min – 1,5 hr.

Röd Simonssons Rör AB Leden, Röd 13 km

Type of riding: MTB
Trail type: Gravel, single track, forest trails, asphalt.
Terrain: Hilly trail, a large portion of the trail is single track offering spectacular views. In parts quite technical.
Description: Start and finish at Äråbadet. The track runs on the eastern side of the river Västerdalälven. Starting with an asphalt section, the trail continues with a long ascent on a variety of forest roads and single track followed by a fast downhill run on a single track. A short ride on gravel is followed by the demanding climb uphill to Rostberget with spectacular views over the valley. Later technical parts are mixed with exhilarating descents. Estimated time approx. 50 min-1,5 h.