Cross Country in Kläppen

If you are a cross country biker looking for longer trails to ride at a more relaxed pace, then Kläppen is the place for you! Multiple trails that are suitable for the whole family offer tours to enjoy the surroundings. Huts can be found along many of the trails for a rest and a snack.

Grön Älvslingan, 6,5 km

Type of riding: MTB
Trail type: Gravel and grass, forest trail.
Terrain: Easy and flat.
Description: The trail begins at Kläppens camping site, running south through meadows and woods next to the river. 3.5 km to the south, at Gråheden, the trail turns north and follows an embankment back to Kläppen. Just before the trail turns north there is a shelter, the perfect spot for a picnic. Please note that the trail may be wet after rainfall.

Blå Gusjöslingan, 4 km

Type of riding: MTB.
Trail type: Gravel road, trail.
Terrain: Easy and flat with some more technical sections.
Description: The trail begins at Kläppens camping site, proceeding north along a scenic river trail, later crossing the main road 71. After the road crossing it rejoins a trail through the forest along the old railway line, returning to the finish at Kläppens camping site.

Röd Örebäcksleden, 11 km

Type of biking: MTB.
Trail type: Gravel, asphalt road and trail.
Terrain: A slightly harder trail starting with a climb but generally easy riding.
Description: The trail begins at Kläppens camping site and takes you by Gusjöslingan over the main road 66 into the forest. Climbing up towards Vasaloppsvägen, after about 3km the trail comes to a shelter and then proceeds southwards. From here follow the trail markings along the gravel road back to the ski area. A short distance into the ski area the trail joins an old downhill biking track and follows this to Kläppen camping site via Tranantorget.