Cross Country in Källviken

Källviken is on the eastern side of Falun, towards Borlänge and is a popular local skiing area during the winter season. The hill is also an excellent biking slope if you are looking for a challenge.

 SvartKällvikens Svarta 8 km

A demanding and awesome loop, appreciated both by cyclists looking for challenging downhill rides and by xc-cyclists wanting a technically demanding practice trail.

You start on a gravel road climbing gently all the way up to the top of the hill. By the time you reach the telecommunications mast your legs will be warmed up and ready for the first run down "Baksidan", a long speedy track with jumps, cambered curves, drops and plenty of good flow. After this there are a few kilometers of cycling on paths before you start the climb back up the hill along the tractor road.

The next run is the classical “Sjöstigen" trail. It begins as an awesome jumping route with drops and jumps (which can be by-passed) and then turns into a technical flowing track over outcropping rock and wooden bridges. After a short stretch on level paths, a tough climb takes you up the slalom slope to the top for the last time. Catch your breath now before setting off down Hallon & Blåbär, a really fast flowing single track all the way back down to the car park.