Cross Country at Idre Fjäll

The tracks are on natural and constructed trails as well as on jogging tracks. Most of our tours are suitable for the whole family, so everyone can experience good biking together in these magnificent surroundings. Bikes can be rented at Intersport on Idre Fjäll.

Grön Lilla slingan, 4 km

The trail begins on a wide path out of the stadium, continues up the jogging track and becomes more challenging, finishing along a pleasant forest path.

Vi har markerat en förbindelseväg som är ca 500 meter upp till den gröna leden som går upp mot Pumptracken och Skills Area.

Grön Fjället runt, 7,5 km

The trail runs along the jogging tracks round the mountain with ascents and scenic downhill paths. The trail ends at upper “Askeleden” with velodrome curves and is a good trip for anyone who wants to try biking at Idre Fjäll.

Blå Blå, 10,5 km

This trail follows the green trail from the square at first, turning to continue around the mountain. It has seven adapted blue level sections. The difference between green and blue is the steeper gradient, which is a little faster, with cambered curves to maintain your speed. There are also terrain waves and small jumps that will put a smile on your face. Blå led is fine for a family outing as well as for the experienced biker, the difficulties depending on how fast you ride.

Röd Slättvåla, 13 km

The trail starts with “Askeleden” down to the valley station of the lift, where a long and, on occasions, tough climb towards the top of Slättvåla starts. After reaching the top a long sweeping descent awaits, and the trail continues back towards the stadium following the “Fjällen runt” track.