Downhill at Gesunda Bike Park

Downhill trails at Gesunda Bike Park!

Grön Caro-Line

A beginner’s dream at 2 kilometers. This is a track for you to try downhill biking properly. Take your time to roll on down with care or let loose and feel your confidence growing on this track.

Blå Magic Carpet

One of the oldest tracks in the country, constructed by experienced bikers and excavators. The jumps and the curves are slightly larger. You can still ease your way down and feel the flow over the jumps and through the curves, but you will also definitely improve as a biker if and when you start to let loose.

Röd Älgspyan (The moose puke)

A curvy natural trail with some stones and roots.

Röd Skogsmys (Cosy woods)

Natural trail for a cosy ride with a good mix of all kinds of tracks including evenly built curves, challenging rock outcrops and roots.

Röd Trippel J (Triple J)

A track to tickle your fancy starts as you leave the lift and offers hanging bridges along the cliff edges as well as great curves through the wooded sections.

Röd Stökspåret (The messy trail)

A classic 90’s trail which is as messy as the name implies!


Machine-built challenge with big jumps that you can also roll through. Start at the Blindtarmen trail centre.

RödSvart Xcelerator

A real challenge if you enjoy big jumps, drops, gaps and major banked curves. Start at the Blindtarmen trail centre.

RödSvart Locals trail

Challenging natural trail with major drops if you enjoy flying high.

Svart Tävlingsspåret (Competition trail)

Elite. One of the best trails in the country for top level downhill competitions, used for several major championships.

Svart Under liften (Under the lift)

Let people sitting on the lift watch your ride down one of the country’s messiest lift trails.

Svart Åggvårmsstijän (Viper trail)

Perhaps the most difficult downhill trail in the country? Ridiculously steep with huge drops that even elite bikers sometimes try to avoid.

Svart Bonzani

400 challenging metres.