Biking Dalarna

Biking Dalarna is a joint effort by destinations aiming to offer you quality cycling experiences.

What can you expect from a bike area included in Biking Dalarna?

  • Easy navigating! If you feel confident that you are riding in the right direction and know how long the trail is, you can relax and concentrate on having fun on the bike. All our cross country and downhill trails are well-marked in the terrain. For leisure cycling and road trails we offer good directions and some supplementary signposts
  • Easy choosing the right track! Our trails have a shared grading system. This means that a blue trail in Säfsen is roughly the same standard of biking as a blue trail in Sälen.
  • Easy getting started! Good supportive services are an important part of your cycling experience. All destinations within Biking Dalarna offer bike rental, food and accommodation, and facilities for washing yourself and your bike after your tour.
  • Easy finding more experiences! All information on the areas in Biking Dalarna is available here on

Is Biking Dalarna a business venture?

No, Biking Dalarna is a joint effort between various destinations, with support from Visit Dalarna.

What is required to become a part of Biking Dalarna?

  • Biking Trails within one or more categories (Cross Country, Downhill, Leisure Cycling and Road)
  • Trails graded according to our shared grading system.
  • XC trails well-signposted and marked Biking Dalarna.
  • Bike rental available adjacent to the trails.
  • Food and accommodation available in conjunction to the trails.
  • A contact person who coordinates the above items.

Contact Ulf Backeus at Visit Dalarna, for more information.
Tel. +46 (0)10-600 29 27,