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Biking trails in Särna

2 biking trails to choose.



In Särna is a natural bike loop starting in the village, at one of Sweden's most beautiful
campsites. Biking Trail "bridges around" a little over 8 km long round the beautiful asphalt roads around Särna lake. The bike tour leads north, past the amusement park Sågudden and across a beautiful suspension bridge to Nordomsjön. Then south across the Östomsjön and over the south bridge back up to the highway 70 and the last bit towards Särna. On Mickel temple there are nice bike paths for those who trample mountain biking, the winter 5 km ski trail is a good run.

Outside Särna towards Fulufjället, is also a little odd gem for MTB rider. It's Billy Holm in Lemsjövallen who has built a ski resort for training eager cross country skiers. In summer the ski trails turn into a mountain bike trail. There is a trail well worth trying for those who want to experience the odd, then Billy's humor and twinkle in the eye gives the rider repeated surprises along the beautiful nature patch.
- Interval Path that is integrated with speed stretches, it is tough, emphasizes Billy. The track is just over 10 km, which runs in loops. Since Billy has developed other stretches next to the track, as if linked together, from 50 kmupp to just over 70 km long. One of the routes goes all the way down to Mickel temple in Särna.

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