A downhill biker

Bike rental Idre Fjäll

Rent a bike at Idre Fjäll. Idre Fjäll have Cross Country bikes from 20 inches to 29 inches. Idre Fjäll have also full suspension cross country bikes. These are recommend not only to those who want to ride faster or jump more, but these bikes are also very good for first-time rider as they provide a sense of fluency and control. They are comfortable to ride on and runs evenly and smoothly over bumps. In short, you become a better cyclist with a fully shock bike no matter how good you are from the beginning.



Helmet is included in the rental and gloves are also included for the kids. You can pre-book your bicycle until 8 days before arrival. After that you rent at Intersport. Advance bookings are only possible on full-day rentals and longer.