Little boy in the forest.

Bear excursion

Join us on a guided tour in our Nordic wilderness. With an experienced guide we visit among other things, a bear site in the wild and experiencing untouched nature in the southern mountain area of Sweden- Sälenfjällen



Tours start at Sälenakvariet where we will see nature photographer Bosse Fritzén's fantastic pictures and meetings with bears.
Then we go with our own cars out into the wilderness and make a walk out to a bear site with our guide.
We will learn more about this fascinated predator by our guide who gives us an insight into the brown bear's life in the wild.
The tour ends with the fact that we gather around the fire and the coffee pot. We grill sausages enjoying the silence of the wilderness.

Guide is Mikael Palm. He is an experienced mountain guide with nature, culture, hunting and fishing guidance. Mikael has over 20 years of experience in guiding in Sälenfjällen.

The trip takes approx. 3-4 hours.
Number of participants 4-15.


  • Children/Family
  • Summer