The Balzer Maiden

  • Price information: A silver coin

A place of sacrifice between Svartberg and Balzer. On the site there is an old stump dressed in women's clothing, after a young woman who, according to the legend, lost her life here.



The legend of The Balzer Maiden:
Long ago, when the mountain farms where still in use, a company of people walked their animals to their mountain farm for the summer. The company paused at the crossroads between Svartberg, Balzer and Nupp before continuing towards Rälldalen and Vargmyren. They paused again to count their animals, but instead they realized that a young woman was missing. Last time seen was at the crossroads, when she left a stone at the sacrifice like all the others also did. One man turned back to look for her and he found her, behind a fallen tree, dead.

The company borrowed a sledge from the mountain farm Nupp and transported her back to her home village. They took her clothes and placed on the stump, belonging to the tree that she was found dead behind. To her memory everyone who passes should leave a silver coin in her purse. If not, the legend says that the person will be cursed.

The story about The Balzer Maiden comes in different versions.

Hiking Trails
Svartberg – The Balzer Maiden:
About 2 kilometers easier hike. Well-marked with orange marks on trees. The Rombo trail (pilgrimage) also passes this way, so some of the marks are red and yellow.
Balzer – The Balzer Maiden: About 3,5 kilometers hard hike, the trail is overgrown and the marks on trees are in three different colours, red, orange and lime-green, se pictures.


  • Children/Family
  • Fall Holiday
  • Summer


Parking Svartberg: From Älvdalen: Drive North on road RV70, turn right towards Sveg/Klitten. Take a left towards Sveg and follow the road for about 15 kilometers. Take a left to "Svartbergsvägen", the road is in the middle of a sharp curve. Keep to the left and continue on svartbergsvägen up to Svartberg. You can park at the turnback beside the little red house. From there you follow the orange, red and yellow markings and the signs saying "Balzerjungfrun".

Parking Balzer: From Älvdalen, drive north on RV70 in 3 kilometers, turn right towards Sveg. In the next crossing, turn left towards Sveg again. Drive about 14 kilometers and take left over the bridge in Bössbo. Directly after the bridge, continue right. Follow signs towards Sunnet. Right before you get in to the military excercise area, turn right and cross the bridge. Follow the road uphill and when you reach the second road to the left, turn left and follow the road up to Balzer. There´s no specific parking area, park where you are not in the way.