CBIS 5010972
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- An place of Sacrifice between Svartberg and Balser


Between Svartberg and Balser, by the crossroads to Nupps mountain farm, there is a stump, which is dressed up in women's clothing. This dressed female figure has traditionally been preserved in memory of a young woman, who once lost her life in this place. A tradition, which survived down to our day, is to add a stone or piece of wood on a sacrifice throw next to honor the memory, but also to avoid having to "go sick", during the long walk or run into any accident. The Virgo is also equipped with a "lidukupp," a purse. In it, we should set pieces of silver, which at her death, must be emptied of stock offerings Lazarus at the church in Älvdalen.
Rombo trail with rest stops and shelters from Evertsberg to Härjedalen limit are plotted on the Land Survey terrain maps 14E S MORA, 15E and 15E ÄLVHO SW NW ÄLVHO.

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From Älvdalen: Drive North on road RV70, turn right towards Sveg/Klitten. Take a left towards Sveg and follow the road for 14,6km. Take a left on to svartbergsvägen. Keep to the left and continue on svartbergsvägen up to Svartberg. You can park there at a turn around point. From there you follow the marked trail. The hike is approximately 2km.