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Åkerblad's Hostelry

This is Tällberg’s oldest farm, from the 15th century and close to Lake Siljan, housing Åkerblad's Hostelry. They have a wine cellar that consists of their own wine imports, a lovely restaurant and beautiful lounges.


Every farm has its own history – this is Åkerblad's!
Åkerblad's is the oldest farm of Tällberg and the original name is in fact "Gatugården, Tällberg 1:1", in which the name "Gatu" (which is Swedish for street) means that the farm is located by the street. The farm originate from the 15th century, but one can only follow its history from the 1630's since the Church of Leksand was burnt down for the last time in the year 1629 and with it the church records followed. But according to the tax lengths in Leksand parish, you can trace the Åkerblad family 21 generations, back to the year 1537. Today, it's the 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd generation of the Åkerblad family that welcomes you to the Åkerblad's Hostelry. A farm which breaths close familiarity and a true Dalecarlian atmosphere, generation by generation.

The hotel
At Åkerblad's you will find 73 cozy and individually furnished rooms of high standard and a romantic spirit. Some of the rooms also have a balcony, fireplace or decorated with a tiled stove. When requesting a specific room, they ask you to tell them when you make your booking since all their rooms are different.

The restaurant
At Åkerblad's famous hostelry there is always time for enjoying food and beverages of the highest quality, and their restaurant is listed on White Guide's list of the best restaurants in Dalarna. Their kitchen brigade, with chef Stefan Pettersson in the lead, is constantly looking for local products of the best kind. Here you can enjoy traditional Swedish dishes and gourmet cuisine, their own imported wine and delicious pastries. In addition to that there are always child-friendly options. Also, they are happy to prepare special diets for you who wish. However, make sure to inform them about your special food requests when you make your booking so they can customize the menu for you in the very best way.

Tällberg is beautifully located in Dalarna, with an endless view over Lake Siljan. Experience the tranquility and the magical feeling of walking along the shore of Lake Siljan. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, Åkerblad's can now proudly present their new spa area. The Nordic choice of materials at the spa creates a timeless serenity and invites to relaxation at this historic hotel. With this spa spa area, the key aspects of this hostelry is no longer only gastronomy and experiences, but also tranquility and harmony.

Welcome to the world of Åkerblad's!

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