The outisde of a red house.

Wild life living in Färnebofjärdens National Park – Hjert´s Islet

Live on your very own island in Dalälven right by Leknäs rapids. Go fishing or take a bath, light a fire and enjoy the sunset.


Hjerts Islet – Flottarkojan (Log-Drivers Cabin)

Find some peace and quiet on your very own island. Four beds, basic appliances and a stove. Outhouses. No water or electricity. Rent a boat at Hovnäs Färja(Hovnäs Ferry). Wood is available for purchase at the ferry.

Here at lower Dalälven you live right next door to nature. The River is part of UNESCO’s biosphere program due to its unique nature and cultural richness. Inside the national park there is a total of 205 types of birds, whereof 100 breed regularly. Because of this how rich in species this area is, you are almost guaranteed exciting encounters with many kinds of both land- and water living animals and plants.