Exterior of the cottages in Rörsjön.

Rösjöstugorna Fulufjället National Park Camp

The rustic cabins will keep you warm and dry when you visit the national park for your adventures. Up here in the mountains the weather is taking it´s toll on the outside of the cabins. Inside however it is nice and warm.


In the summer you can fish the small mountain rivers for brown trout. Lake Rösjön has Swedens most southern stock of wild arctic char. Fishing at our cabins is made from shore or from our rental boats. Both lakes, Rösjön and Harrsjön has trout and arctic char. Summer season starts at midsummer time. (end of june) and you can also fish in the small mountain rivers for wild brown trout. Fishing closes 31th of august and opens for a week in november for 7 days of ice fishing on the new ice. You reach Lake Rösjön and the cabins by walking 3,5 km or wintertime by skies, snow shoes or scooter (approx 7km).

Ice fishing for wild trout and arctic char.
Ice fishing is really popular up here in the early winter and spring. In the lakes it is possible to catch some really big arctic char (2-3 kg) We open for ice fishing in february and end in may. You need a fishing license to be allowed to fish in Fulufjällets Nationalpark. You can buy it when You arrive or online. Or book our winterpackage including 2 nights, fishing license and access to the sauna.

Fulufjället mountains and national park is known for it´s untuched nature and stunning views. Hiking in the untouched nature is an amazing experience. In Fulufjället National Park you have trails to follow. The views are spectacular. All year has it´s charm but the autumn with all the colours are just out of this world. When hiking make shure you visit Old Tjikko the worlds oldest tree 9500 years old, Njupeskär our mighty waterfall. Both bird life and vegitation is unique at this spot. It has survived in the rugged mountain conditions wich makes it even moore worth a visit. Start your day trips at our place and end them in the sauna later in the evening.

Cabins are simple and originally built as protection for hunters and fishermen. There is liquid-gas stove, a stove for heating and cookware, beds with pillow blanket and matress. There is an outhouse when you need to go. Gas and firewood is included. Water is collected outside in big stainless steel buckets. There are no showers, but there is a Sauna you can rent. You can also rent bed linens, boats or gear for ice fishing.

You can rent snow shoes from Rösjöstugorna Fulufjället National Park Camp and scooter can be rent from Walls Skoter in Särna.

Welcome to the create memories in the real wilderness and the simple lifestyle in the mountains.