2 570 km of prepared snowmobile trails

Explore far and wide by snowmobile

Älvdalen's municipality offers two fantastic areas for snowmobiling. Nordic Area in the south and Snöskoter Område Norra Dalarna - SOND in the north. Both areas are managed voluntary by the snowmobile compunds and are founded by a trial fee. The fee is mandatory for use of the trails. Together the areas have about 2 570 km of trails. You can buy a trail map together with the fee at the Tourist Informations in Älvdalen/Idre and some of the gas stations and other companys in the area. You will find all sales locations on www.sond.se or www.nordicarea.se.

Do not miss the experience to try a snowmobile tour in our stunning nature. Snowmobiling comes with a range of rules and regulations wich you as a driver needs to seek knowledge about. Please respect these rules for the snowmobile's future! If you don´t have a snowmobile of your own, there is a wide range of rental companies in the area, with the possibility to go on a guided tour as well as on your own.

Considerations for driving a snowmobile:
You need to have tractor license alt. a driver license for cars issued before 2000, after 1/1 2000 you must have a specific license for snowmobiles. This applies even if you have had your regular driver's license revoked after 1/1 2000.