Welcome to Särna

The gateway to the mountain world!

Here in the valley embraced by Fulufjället, Städjan-Nipfjället and Vedungsfjället you will find Särna. If you visit us during the summer and autumn days are filled with hiking trips and explorations, to Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall or the world's oldest tree - Old Tjikko. One of the most action-packed weeks in the village are Särna festival week - then filled the countryside up of guests from all around the sides. Activities abound, snowcross, market, running competitions and bike races, not to mention dance just around the late night. There is usually also an occasional excursion tour to anyone pond after hunting for the red gold - grayling, which pacifiers both summer and winter. During winter you usually snowmobile on the white plains stretching from Älvdalen up against Särna and on to Idre, Gördalen, Lofsdalen or Sälen. No wonder so many snowmobile trails are here, that’s why one of Scandinavia's largest long-distance races in the dog sled starts here, Polardistans.

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