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Mountain adventure all year round.

On your way here beholds you already Städjans characteristic silhouette in the distance, regardless of the season is always embedded in winter white snow, summer greenery or autumn color splendor. The opportunities for hiking are available on both Städjan and Nipfjället and when you're there take the opportunity to roll down Trollvägen if you can. If summers are the greens green, so why not take a round of golf? Want to experience the adrenaline so try Idre Fjälls cross country biking, pump track or skills area - there is something for both the beginner and the more advanced rider. If you are lucky you might get to hear some Sami, Idre is after all the most southern Sami village in Sweden.

Regardless the season, there is opportunity for fishing, angling, caste or fly fishing, ice fishing in the pond, river and mountain stream. Storån it flows out into Österdalälven and when the ice has formed, you can drill up a hole on Burusjön and sit in the sun and ice fishing for char. As soon as the cold struck begins preparations for both the alpine skiing but also for cross-country skiing. Idre Fjäll, Himmelfjäll and Fjätervålen have been together 60 downhill slopes and more than 125 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails in the winter. Of course Idre offers quantity of snow in other adventures in the tracks - such as dog sledding and snowmobiling!

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