Welcome to Älvdalen

The land of forests and rivers.

Through forest and land flowing Österdalälven, here begins your journey to one of Sweden's older cultural treasures. It Elfdalian language which originated here, the old summer farms that lives up the summers, the sweet sounds of Larz Kristerz and the beautiful crafts in porphyry. Take the opportunity to locate a pond or a fine stretch of Österdalälven to fly fish in, or hike one of the lovely forest trail in the deep the Älvdals forests. For älvdalingarna has the music always been their heart and be noticed during the Countryside Week where culture really must be experienced for the senses and then not talk about Music & Motor that ends summer in Älvdalen. Then the hums of the cars from all over Sweden into the village and it is filled with both music & motor. Winters in Älvdalen's a little different, take the snowmobile as soon as the snow has settled down. But there are also many fine cross-country trails which are prepared early in the season and maintained frequently by älvdalingarna - who are happy to invite you to Vasaloppet.

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