Vansbro is one of Dalarna’s pearls. The municipality consists of four towns and a number of smaller villages. The area is popular with those who enjoy the simple life, but there are also plenty of things to see and do.

Vansbro boasts a flourishing cultural scene, including annual events such as the Ingmar Play and the Troll Wedding. Sport is also very popular in Vansbro, which hosts events like the Vansbrosimmet swimming competition, the Vansbro Triathlon, the Vansbro Marathon, Vansbro Bianchi 120 and Pepe’s Football Cup. Motorsports fans flock here for the Marie Memorial Race, and the Flygfesten i Dala-Järna international air show always attracts a big crowd.

Nature is never far away in Vansbro, with excellent hunting grounds and fishing waters, hiking trails and recreation areas – all year round. There are also fantastic bathing beaches, inspection trolley cycling routes and plenty of wintertime ski trails and scooter trails for truly memorable opportunities to discover nature.

Make sure you pay a visit to Vansbro Konditori & Bageri – one of the most popular cafés in Dalarna, and maybe even in Sweden! You can also buy local produce such as tomatoes, eggs, meat and potatoes from the municipality’s many farms and businesses.