Welcome to Smedjebacken

Smedjebacken is where the Strömsholm Canal begins, following the River Kolbäcksån through beautiful countryside. The 110 km channel runs from Lake Barken to Lake Mälaren. The dug stretches of canal are just 12 km long in total, but include 26 locks and an overall change in elevation of 100 m. The canal is part of Ecomuseum Bergslagen, which also includes Flogberget Mine.

Lake Barken is home to one of Sweden’s largest inland harbours. Here you can hire canoes or bicycles, and enjoy something to eat while you watch the boats.

Malingsbo-Kloten is a large nature reserve with plenty to do for those who enjoy rugged outdoor experiences. Go fishing, hiking, cycling, canoeing or horse riding, or simply enjoy the natural scenery. Or why not go on an elk or beaver safari?

Meken is the rolling mill’s former workshop that has been converted into a vibrant cultural centre. Exhibitions and many other activities are staged here in association with local societies and entrepreneurs. Next door is a large blacksmith’s workshop where you can try your hand at ironworking.