Hedemora was founded in 1446, and is the oldest city in Dalarna and a well-known place for motorsports. You will find well preserved old wooden house environments, a nice mix of rural and trade districts where the past is as important as the present. 

The surrounding area has many lakes and large areas of untouched and exciting wilderness.

A few miles from the town center you’ll find Stjärnsund, a well preserved industrial environment that has been given new life thanks to its dedicated inhabitants. The white mill was founded by the genius Christopher Polhem in the 1700s, he was known for his revolutionary mechanical inventions. There’s a museum dedicated to him here. There’s also the Smithy “Smedjan”, which today attracts long distance concert guests during the summer months. Stjärnsund is also part of  the Husbyring - a 60-kilometer nature- & culture trail that is suitable for both hiking and biking.

The fishing waters in Hedemora are dominated by the river Dalälven. The river and the lakes it flows through forms some of best pike waters in Sweden.

The food selection in Hedemora  is varied. The well-known fast food restaurant “Lappens” serves large popular dishes.  During the harvest festival, the first weekend in September, over 40 food artisans, farm shops, cafes and restaurants welcomes guests to a tasty experience suitable for the entire family.