Pop/rock, folk, classical and headbanging festivals in Dalarna

All you need in Dalarna to start a party is a fiddle player and someone on the key harp. It is true that Swedish folk music has its roots here and also true that many of Sweden’s best-known musical acts cut their teeth in the rock clubs of the county. 

Dance Band Week in the town of Malung that attracts nearly 50,000  Scandinavian dance band enthusiasts, all dancing simultaneously it seems under giant tents. If you prefer a more sedate setting then maybe spectacular open-air venue Dalhalla near the town of Rättvik is for you. Cut out of a disused quarry and fronted by a moat, this unique concert venue has awe-inspiring acoustics and an eye-inspiring setting. 

Musik vid Siljan (music by lake Siljan) is a musical festival held in various churches, concert halls, museums and outdoor settings by lake Siljan and covers jazz, choir and traditional music, among many, many others. It’s held over the first 2 weeks of July each year, while the internationally acclaimed classical music festival Vinterfest is held in the town of Mora in early February. Woops, we almost forgot about headbanging. At the Sabaton Open Air metal fest held in August in Falun there is plenty of headbanging to the sounds of hardrock, metal, thrash metal and other metal genres. 


Spectacular. Unique. Dalhalla as a venue and its acoustics are both. Outside the town of Rättvik, it was built some 20 years ago and the stage is cut from a discussed quarry, with a foreground of emerald lake and enveloped in high cliff walls. It really is one of the world’s most spectacular musical venues. Dalhalla is an internationally established venue for many of the music world's top artists. Come and see you favourite musical acts here.

Dance Band Week

Seven nights of non-stop dancing is what is promised by Dance Band Week in Malung. And that is exactly what the nearly 50,000 visitors to this dance band music festival of festivals get. But first a quick explanation of what Swedish Dansband music is. The bands play a mix of upbeat swing, schlager, country and jazz in a four-beat rhythm that proves irresistible to dancers. Dance band music and culture comes from 1950s and 1960s in Sweden and is massively popular in rural areas. Townies tend to frown upon it, probably because of the fashion among dance bands of wearing too-tightly-fitting spandex stage costumes. Who cares? Dance band music would make anyone get up and dance.

Around 30 bands converge on Malung in the third week of July to get the dance band party started. Come to Dance Band Week in Malung and put your best foot forward.


For one frosty, snow-covered week in winter the stars of classical musical meet to perform in the town of Mora, Orsa and Älvdalen. They are brought here by Martin Fröst, the much sought after international clarinettist, who is the brains behind this festival. Classical musical fills the air from the many weird and wonderful concert venues. Expect and get world-class classical music performances in unique settings.  "At last a classical music festival that rocks" - The Times.

Rockstad – Sabaton Open Air

If you want peace and quiet then avoid the Sabaton Open Air heavy metal festival in Falun in August. If you like heavy, metally and thrashy rock music, this is the place to be. Falun's streets and squares will be bouncing to the pummel of base line and bass drums and the ‘look’ will be leather, studded and stubbled. Rock on.