You probably have a picture in your head of Dalarna

Dalarna is often called “Sweden in miniature” because much of the imagery of Sweden comes from Dalarna; a pretty red-coloured cottage by a glittering lake.  In a forest glade lit by the evening sun, people in brightly coloured folk costumes dance and swirl in celebration of Midsummer. All very Swedish. All very Dalarna.

But what to do in Dalarna? 

Come with family and friends to explore and discover the great outdoors of Dalarna.Pitch your tent by a lake after a day’s walking in the mountains, traverse world-class mountain bike trails, or pootle with the family along country lanes making discoveries as you go. Go on a white-knuckle, white-water rafting adventure, or gently paddle Dalarna’s many lakes and rivers by canoe or kayak in spring, summer and autumn. 

In wintertime revel in the child-friendly ski resorts dotted around Dalarna. Or come for the world’s biggest cross-country ski race, the Vasa Ski Race. 

Dalarna is the perfect escape for families and friends, in its towns and villages too. 

Visit Falun, the biggest town in the province and feel your jaw drop as you go underground at the Falun Copper Mine, a UNESCO world heritage site. And don’t miss the Zorn museum where Sweden’s most famous artist, Anders Zorn lived and worked. Or take the lovely trail to the house of Carl Larsson, another famous Swedish artist. Go leisurely shopping for locally made handicrafts such as jewellery, household objects, leather goods and not forgetting the red-coloured and dainty Dala model horses that have become a symbol of Sweden and are made in Dalarna. 

Come to Dalarna for the simple life.